Pros And Cons Of Wireless Chargers

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To decide whether you should buy wireless charger or not can be a tricky decision as it has both; pros and cons to it. In order to make it easier for you to decide, we have narrowed down both the elements of wireless chargers for you. Let’s find out what are those;


  1. Wireless Technology

Wireless technology means that there are no use of wires hence, this means fewer or no cables frees up the switch board for other purposes and can allow you to have a clear space where there are no tangled wires or cables around.

  1. Impact on Ports and Cable

Having wireless chargers mean that you are freeing yourself from the use of wires. As a result, this could save you from the tear and wear of cables and ports that is usually the case that occurs when chargers are used. A lot of times, cables tend to be damaged and worn out pretty quickly and one has to buy them pretty frequently.

  1. Using Phone while Charging

When your phone is connected to a switch while on charge, it is usually impossible to use the phone when being charged. Basically, this leads to misalign the charger connection which could result in your phone not being charged or could even result in causing a spark in the switch. However, this is not the case when using a wireless charger as they are portable and you can easily use your phone while it being charged.


  1. Cost

When compared to purchasing charging cables, wireless tends to be more costly as they offer a lot of convenience and other possible advantages that do not come with that of a cable. It is due to this that these chargers are costly and priced at a higher rate.

  1. Portable

As much as it is said that wireless chargers are more portable and easier to carry around, there are different shapes and sizes of these chargers which tend to make it awkward and impossible for some people to carry them around as well.

  1. Performance

As much as the main function of wireless chargers is to bring in ease to your life by eliminating the use of wires in your daily routine, the efficiency and performance of results is something which is still usually lacks at times. Sometimes, these wireless chargers are known to be slower to charge your devices than that of a regular charger. Not only this, but wireless chargers are known to provide more heat than a regular traditional charger would produce.

Well, the results are right in front of you. I am sure you are now able to decide which is better for you; a regular traditional charger or a wireless charger.