Why Do We Need Phone Battery Replacement

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A phone is dependent on its battery to run. We need a full proof new battery in order to get all the benefits of mobile phone. Whether its an iPhone, Samsung, Nokia, or any other mobile brand each provide battery as there is no other way for a mobile to get access. We need to charge the battery full t once before using it. A whole battery that has a good condition is sufficient for a day. Go here https://sidekickmobileau.com/  for more information about ipad repairs. 


If the battery is not working up to the mark then we have to suffer the consequences. If we are suck somewhere and we have no battery then we can’t contact anyone to come over and help us. There are many signs that battery shows to the users that it needs to be changed. But sometimes people just ignore these hints and move forward by using the same battery and hence fall in great complications and difficulties.

The Signs:

So, it is better to replace battery if they show following signs.

Runs Out Battery Quickly:

Battery runs out quickly when its life is complete. A battery life minimizes after a lapse of time. N/o matter if the usage is high or low. A battery has to die in the end. It is not necessary that dies all at once but its life decreases gradually. For example, if a battery time is 18 hours then gradually it comes to 8 hours which is not acceptable.

Gets Hot While Using:

We often face the issue of getting phone hot. When we use phone continuously while playing games or doing some work, it gets hotter. It is also a sign that battery condition is decreasing and we need to change it as soon as possible because it can damage the phone in long term.

Swelled Battery:

Battery swells when it has got some issues in it. A swelled battery is another sign of getting battery damaged. The reason of swelling batteries is multiple. So, we can’t rely on one reason and get it fixed. We can’t even cover the phone as the battery occupies much space and hence there is no space for a back cover to fits in and protect the phone.

Works When DC is Provided:

Sometimes, it happens that a phone only works when we connect it to the direct current. As soon as we turn off the direct current, mobile turns off. Because, the battery is dead and no longer support the mobile to keep it in a working condition.

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